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Nearly 2,000 companies around the world—from startups to billion-dollar enterprises —are modernizing finance operations with Oracle ERP Cloud. Focusing on five tenets, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud (Oracle ERP Cloud) helps modernize and automate finance operations, so your teams can invest their efforts where it counts.



Oracle ERP Cloud offers the broadest finance functionality on the market with end-toend finance and supply chain orchestration. Country-specific tax and legal reporting, payment processing, and budgetary control help you address the requirements that are unique to a particular country or industry. With Oracle ERP Cloud, you can


  • Confidently expand into new markets with full multi-GAAP, multicurrency, multientity support
  • Deliver multidimensional reporting from a single source of truth with shared reference data
  • Eliminate the complexity of intercompany tax and payment transactions with a centralized architecture
  • Comply with local regulations and reporting requirements using built-in, country-specific localizations



Efficiency and productivity are increasingly important for today’s users. Everyone wants to be connected at all times. Oracle ERP Cloud provides real-time graphical indicators on dashboards and work areas to help draw users to items that require immediate action. In addition, a new infolets page presents a summary of information for a range of key performance indicators.



Traditional ERP systems—and even other cloud providers—may say they have integration with an enterprise social network. However, because the social network is a third-party system, work will need to be done to complete the integration, including identifying which objects you want to be enabled for the social network. By contrast, Oracle ERP Cloud is already seamlessly integrated with Oracle Social Network, so finance teams (for example) can work socially, collaboratively, and logically. Social capabilities are already embedded in the business processes, so you can immediately track and refer back to conversations. Social conversations are specific to the job at hand-—whether it’s a specific transaction that needs more information, this quarter’s close schedule, or simply a question about reports.



Whether you’re a rapidly growing startup or a large multinational corporation, you should have confidence that your data provides a single source of truth. Oracle ERP Cloud standardizes data, rules, and processes across your enterprise for accounting, taxes, payments, and more to ensure compliance with country-specific business, tax, and legal requirements. Oracle ERP Cloud also offers configurable rules (including custom formulas) to meet specific legal and corporate needs.



The unique reporting platform in Oracle ERP Cloud is built on a multidimensional model that pulls data directly from the general ledger. Summarized balances are maintained in real time, making reports, online queries, and multidimensional analysis extremely fast. This model also enables pivots and drill-downs to any level and offers unlimited hierarchies for comparisons and roll-up reports


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