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ITCROSS would like to remember you that the latest ITCROSS solution version has many new functionalities, and if you have your maintenance fee up to date, the software is ready for you to install:


ITCROSS Solution Version 5 includes all the functionalities as follows:


  • Fiscal Solution Mexico:
    • E- invoice integration with PAC.
    • Payment complement file for clients.
    • Exports complement.
    • UUID automatic update in JDE for invoices and A/R receipts.
    • Pedimento number entry functionality for companies that import products and then resale them.
    • DIOT report.
    • VAT reports for accounting analysis.
  • Voucher Automation:
    • Applications for importing vendor’s XML files automatically into JDE.
    • Updating 36-digit UUID code on vouchers automatically
    • Payment complement file for vendors.
    • It works with std JDE VMA functionality.
    • It processes discounts on vouchers correctly.
  • Bank files generation:
    • Applications for configuring payment files in the format the banks require.
    • Files can be generated with txt or XML file format.
    • The tool can be actually used for any country, not only for Mexico, as it is not tied to localization.




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