Move to the cloud

Business continue to accelerate at high-speed. There’s simply no room for delaying.

Are you an on-premise ERP client?

Do you have JD Edwards, PeopleSoft or EBS, and are planning your transformation to cloud?

Why move to Oracle Cloud?

Because Oracle is a cloud partner that offers everything on their platform:

> SaaS – Software as a Service.
> PaaS – Platform as a Service.
> IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.
Because it offers the benefits of a public cloud: your services are shared by hundreds of businesses; infrastructure, maintenance and administration costs of a cloud decrease and so does the final price your company pays on a subscription basis.
Because there is a wide range of SaaS applications in Oracle cloud, which provides your company with guaranteed scalability while speeding up time and reducing implementation effort.
Because PaaS provides the highest development and integration technologies of cloud applications (your own or Oracle) within the same cloud.
Because you can use the most modern and emerging technology, such as AI, blockchain, machine learning and IoT.
Because, if you would like to, you can adopt a hybrid scheme, using 100% cloud applications that co-exist with on-premise applications.
Because it uses secure channels which guarantee the security of your data. All communications are encrypted and the parties in any transaction identify themselves using digital certificates.

ITCROSS can help you
finding the best path to cloud


We do a comprehensive assessment of the current situation of your platform and your future needs. It is possible to give your business what it needs as you can choose between deployment models while protecting your key applications.


We analyze your platform’s architecture, current issues and possible transformation to the cloud, establishing what should be changed and what is currently working well.


We make a plan to move to the cloud, which can be divided into phases. A hybrid scheme can be chosen and the total transformation is also a possibility.


The main objectives of the plan are to optimize the architecture of your systems, reduce current and future costs, and provide scalability to your information system, all aimed at growing your company.

Digital Transformation Facts

There is a real possibility to adopt a transformational approach or
a hybrid one:

> Transformational: move to Oracle ERP Cloud from any ERP you might have

> Hybrid: segment your application portfolio and move gradually, in phases; take JD Edwards or your on-premise ERP to the cloud and  adopt other SaaS applications that surround your ERP.

The main reason why our clients have made the transformation to the cloud is savings in platform infrastructure and administration costs. It is not just a trend: the benefits of the cloud are real and can be verified.

ITCROSS, as a business, has already gone through this process: we have transformed ourselves and Oracle ERP Cloud is our own ERP; we are also clients! In a previous stage, we started by moving JD Edwards to the cloud.

We are pioneers in Latin America implementing ERP Cloud, doing Cloud integrations, and developing plans for moving to cloud.


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