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Five reasons for re-thinking your roll-out project at this moment.


Latin American markets suffer constant economic crisis, and 2020 is not the exception. Despite that, many global companies are considering the possibility of extending their ERP platform to that region.

Why is that?

Let’s have a look at some key points.


1.Exchange Rate “Benefits” and Implementation Costs: A crisis in Latin America is always tied to a local currency devaluation against the US dollar. Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Colombia are the countries that have been most affected by the depreciation of their currencies since the covid-19 pandemic broke out. The Mexican peso reached its lowest level in March (20.54 per dollar), making it one of the currencies experiencing the greatest drop among emerging economies. The Brazilian real has endured the worst/has been hit the hardest, depreciating more than 15% so far this year.

The usual trend is that as time goes by you need more pesos to buy one dollar. This is an unfortunate situation for a local company, but if you are a US company, this is actually an opportunity for finally implementing Oracle ERP Cloud or JD Edwards at a lower cost:  hiring a local vendor, instead of using US resources, will give your budget in dollars more appealing, and your project will probably cost less than the one you planned.

ITCROSS is a company in Latin America with 20 years’ experience working with global clients and their Oracle ERP implementations. We are localization specialists, and we have our own recipe for doing low-risk roll-out projects. We have offices in Argentina and Mexico (apart from the US), so we can offer local resources at a lower cost than in the States.


2. Localization Costs: It is well known that Latin American ERP implementations mean an interesting challenge for an ERP Director. Taxes, cultural differences, and legal reporting development are expected, and it is necessary to deal with them as efficiently as possible not to fall into a never-ending project. The complexity of this matter depends on the tax and legal requirements of each country. The alternatives for solving localization gaps are either to customize, or to choose already developed solutions, which will enable a quicker deployment.

ITCROSS offers localization extension solutions that meet local requirements in Mexico, Argentina and others, save development time and are less costly than building your own applications. All solutions are Oracle Validated integrations. Implementing ITCROSS Solutions at this moment is also convenient, as consulting costs are lower than last year’s when expressed in dollars.


3. Oracle SaaS Prices and Benefits: Oracle renews its contract conditions every year. It is always useful to ask your Oracle sales account manager what those benefits are at the moment you are thinking of buying the product. If you asked last year, do it again; maybe they have changed, and the new payment and pricing policies are now more convenient for you.


4. Not All Markets Are Suffering: Despite the fact that most of the economic sectors are fighting the awful consequences of the crisis, there are a few that are not. Agribusiness and some service sectors (communications, utilities) are the ones operating normally or almost normally. Some industrial sectors, such as food&beverage manufacturers/ distributors and pharmaceutical companies can also work as usual, as they have been excluded from the lockdown restrictions. If your company was thinking of investing in Latin America and your business belongs to these sectors, you might be needing the ERP more than ever.


5. Remote Work: Consulting firms have been providing remote services for years. They are not now “trying to adapt” to the new normal. They were already used to working from home. Implementation tasks can be done from other countries, and that should not affect a project plan: consultants and clients know this way already. It is important to know that working remotely is not a risk for your project; it is doable. There are many experiences of project services delivered remotely dated before 2020 that confirm this fact.


ITCROSS is convinced that this whole situation is circumstantial and, that in the short term, the world will return to a reality not so different from the one before the pandemic. For all of the above, this is the right time to start your projects.


We look forward to your contact and to helping you with Latin America projects.




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