ITCROSS, official exhibitor and speaker at BLUEPRINT 4D Conference.



ITCROSS will be an official exhibitor and speaker at BLUEPRINT 4D Conference, taking place in Las Vegas and online June 6-9, 2022.


The hybrid event format is designed to provide an optimal experience for customer participation and engagement both in person and online for a truly global event.
This global event for Oracle customers keeps you informed and up to date on the latest technology insights and product advancements for JD Edwards, Oracle Cloud Applications and others!


Reasons to meet ITCROSS at BLUEPRINT4D Conference:
1) Know about benefits of complementing your internal team with Oracle experts.
ITCROSS has offices in the US (Miami), Mexico (Mexico City), Argentina (Buenos Aires), and Spain (Barcelona).
We do have a team in your same time zone, and we have a different approach: we understand the importance of having a strong internal team, and we are ok being the expert missing in your internal project.
2) Attend ITCROSS session #110820: First Aid Kit for a JDE global project including Latin America.
Does your project include Latin America rollouts? Discover in this session the right tools for making successful projects in Latin America. System automation, localization, tax integration, all you need for simplifying projects in this region.
  • Know how global JDE customers simplify and automate their Mexico installations: tax compliance, voucher entry automation, and others. Customer stories.
  • Discover how to automate non-standard bank payments integration (typical in Mexico and Latin America)
  • Understand the localization complexity in the different countries for planning properly.
  • Electronic invoice law in the region: using just one integration tool for solving this requirement in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and others, even EMEA countries.
  • Applying the newest JDE orchestrator 9.2.6 feature for data integrity checking in Financials/Distribution: learn how this new feature can builds a CSV file as the output of the orchestration and save dozens of reports!
3) You are welcome to visit us at Booth #535 in the Exhibitor Showcase! Network with people who “speak your language” and face your same daily challenges. Know how ITCROSS can reinforce your internal team with JD Edwards and Development experts that can solve your current needs but also train the rest of your team, so that the knowledge stays home.
4) ITCROSS is pioneer integrating Oracle ERP Cloud with Oracle PaaS technologies. So we do know JD Edwards AND Oracle Cloud.  Speak with our experts at the booth and know everything about integrating JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud.
For registration information and the latest updates on BLUEPRINT4D, visit  #BP4D

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