Oracle CloudWorld 2023 Recap


ITCROSS has been a presenter and exhibitor in Oracle’s biggest event of the year, Oracle CloudWorld 2023, held in Las Vegas on September 18–21, 2023.
The week started with the inspiring vision of Safra Catz, Oracle CEO, who highlighted the importance of being aware of change, embrace it, and turn it into opportunities instead of shying away from it.
In this sense, she emphasized “that everything is possible when you have the right technology and the right mindset”.
With this message at the center of her presentation, she introduced major executives from AON, UBER, AON, Loblaws, TIM and Emerson who shared 5 success customer stories about how they faced challenges and adjusted, using change as motivation to move forward, with the power of innovation and technology.
The much-anticipated keynote of  Oracle Co-founder Larry Ellison, delivered main Oracle announcements of the year. Ellison shared Oracle´s vision for the future and how the company is developing projects that puts Generative AI at the center the most complex challenges in different industries.
“Generative AI showed up around a year ago now. And it changes everything. It certainly changes Oracle,” he said.
Is the AI the most important computer technology ever? As his answer is “Probably!”, he talked about the impact of this technology and how it is shaping the future of humanity at a staggering speed, remarking that we are facing a “worldwide race to build what comes next, to build better AI which will deliver a better future.”
Gen AI is a revolution, and it´s fundamentally changing things at Oracle on how to build applications and how to run them. In this context he made some statement about Oracle Cloud technology transformation:


  • Improved APEX Application Generator: Oracle is not going to be writing applications anymore in JAVA. New ones will be generated in APEX, a no code system. Every new project is now generated with APEX, this means teams dramatically smaller, development processes fundamentally different and faster, and no security bugs. A fall tolerant and much more reliable way to generate applications.
  • Autonomous databases will become a much larger percentage of Oracle databases: As he explained, autonomous databases are much more secure = No human labor – no human error. They are also elastic, this means that if a cutomer needs more processors, they can immediately allocate them, use them, run 10 times faster, and then give them back to the pool, paying only for what they use.
  • Relational database: Relational database is powerful; the issue was that programmers had to predefine what´s called a schema before they started coding. Now, the system will automatically generate this schema from the Json Documents. Easy to write durable programs, with a powerful query language.
  • Oracle Vector Database: Oracle has added vector capability to the standard database, so more customers will be able to train specialized AI models for specific applications.
  • New Oracle Cloud Data Intelligence Platform: This new platform combines Oracle Analytics + Generated AI. For example: Oracle´s new Public Health Data Intelligence Platform, developed for Healthcare.
After mentioning specific use cases of Oracle technology and AI applied to different industries, he concluded talking about the importance of promoting an open and interconnected Multicloud environment.  In his own words, all clouds should be open and interconnected; this means that customers can choose the services they want of each provider, with no extra charge. In this context, he remarked on the collaboration between Microsoft and Oracle, designed to make easy to customers to combine different services from different clouds. This is possible by building Oracle Clouds right inside Azure data centers, allowing customers to enter the portal and configure what they need super-fast.
Next keynote was presented by Oracle EVP Steve Miranda, who continued with the announcements of the week, and explained the New Generative AI capabilities across Fusion Applications, that will positively impact productivity in HR, finance, supply chain, and customer experience. This includes the release of 50 new features available for 100% of the customers, in the modules they already have and use today.
Last but not least, Oracle CloudWorld also offered a very rich showcase, plenty of Oracle Partners, demos, theater sessions and a lot more, which was great to networking with other attendees and service providers. For ITCROSS, it has been amazing to connect with Oracle ecosystem in our booth, in our two sessions about Global ERP Cloud implementations, during EMEA and Latin America receptions, and at the closing Cloud Party.  It has been a pleasure being part of this event!
See you next year!

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