Our solution has everything you need to implement Oracle ERP in Mexico, thus bridging the typical gaps of this country and allowing your company to shorten the project timeline. In order to comply with Mexico’s legal requirements, ITCROSS offers accelerators for complementing JD Edwards and Oracle ERP Cloud localization.


Voucher Automation Solution for Vendors

Bank Files Generation Solutions

Solution Content

Electronic Invoice connector with PAC (Mexico e-invoice authorized 3rd party). ITCROSS solution works with any PAC in the market.

Ability to build and generate invoice and payment complement files.

UUID update automation for invoices and receipts.

“Pedimento” entry application for purchase order receipts.

“Pedimento” automatic upload functionality.

Electronic tax withholdings report.

DIOT report/file generation

Voucher automation - automatic CFDI upload into Accounts Payable.

Voucher automation - automatic UUID code update on Accounts Payable vouchers and payments.

Bank Payment file generation: configurable tool for designing the bank templates requested by the banks.

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