Do you know what  Oracle Validated Integrations are?

As an Oracle JD Edwards customer, are you thinking of getting a third-party solution that complements or extends your Oracle applications?

These are some of the questions an Oracle Validated Integration answers in order to help Oracle clients. Oracle Validated Integration is a program that recognizes the partners that develop and provide complementary, integrated solutions with Oracle applications. The Partners who succeed in getting an Oracle Validated Integration provide safety to Oracle clients in the following ways:

The solution has been tested and validated, both functionally and technically, as it is described.

The Partner’s solution is integrated to the Oracle application in a standard, reliable manner, following the best practices in Development.

The Partner’s solution operates and works as documented.

These characteristics help clients to minimize the risk and reduce the timeline of implementations as well as to perform Upgrades easily and smoothly. The Partners who have successfully completed the program are authorized to use the “Oracle Validated Integration” logo. Clients can check out the solution published in the Catalog.

Delivering Customer Confidence

Oracle Validated Integration establishes credibility with customers by confirming the integration of a partner’s solution with
on-premises Oracle Applications.

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