Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud extension for solving 
E-invoice requirements 
in all countries.

Solution Benefits and Features

Powerful dashboard

It includes an application for tracking the files going back and forward, where the user can find generated files, but also errors and easily troubleshoot transactions.


ITCROSS team has been working with electronic invoice integrations for more than 10 years, with successful implementations in countries with complex and different laws.

accurate fiscal information​

Avoids human errors in the billing process, guaranteeing accurate fiscal information​.

Oracle Integration Cloud and Visual Builder

Developed with OracleIntegrationCloud and VisualBuilder, meaning you will be able to modify it in the future with any resource trained on Oracle integration tools.

Available for Latin America and Europe
Support service is available


Electronic Invoice Integration

OiCS, VBCS, DBaaS. Oracle will do the sizing depending on the quantity of invoices you need to process and other factors.

ITCROSS will install in your PaaS instance already developed OiC and VBCS components, and we will then adjust it to the country and requirements, so a short project is expected.

Yes. For complete automation it is ideal that this vendor offers webservices.

Your key user will be trained, and your technical team will keep the solution spec. You will be able to change or modify OiCS/VBCS components in the future. ITCROSS also offers support.

The solution is applicable for Latin America and Europe, the base solution is applicable to all countries.

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