One solution for solving
E-Invoice Integration in all regions


It’s configurable

The integration file is built by users and can be modified with setup, avoiding customization.


It has been in the market for more than 10 years, with successful implementations in countries with complex and different laws.


You have the choice of integrating with a 3rd party or directly with the tax authority.

Independence from 3rd parties​

You will be able to easily change the e-invoice 3rd party in the future, or even your JDE vendor, without facing expensive project costs.

Global customers plus​

One solution for all regions = less maintenance costs.

Oracle Validated Integration Solution

It complies with Oracle development best practices and works as documented.

Software updates

Software updates and quick reaction to law changes.

Support service

Included in maintenance fee.

Electronic Invoice Integration

Is it developed with JD Edwards?

Yes, it is entirely developed into JD Edwards.

How is it installed?

ITCROSS will provide a .par file, with all objects, that are easily to identify, and they follow Oracle development best practices, and Oracle has assigned a specific system code for ITCROSS objects.

Could I choose any e-invoice 3rd party?

Yes. You can also generate the official tax authority XML file if you prefer so. ITCROSS solution gives you all these choices. The aim of ITCROSS solution design is to avoid being tied to a vendor and expensive project costs in case of a vendor’s change.

Which type of file does the solution generate?

Text file, EDI file, XML file, UBL file.

Is my team trained on the solution?

Of course! We seek our customers’ independence. The project cannot finish until a key user is properly trained for making changes to invoice templates in the future.

Where can I use the solution?

The solution is prepared for Latin America and Europe.

Do you know what Oracle Validated Integration is?

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