Defining the best support strategy for your company is key to avoid huge maintenance costs.

We offer these support models.

In-House Support Model​

Let us build your own internal team.

  • Team structure
  • Hiring team members
  • Training team members
  • Support Service Tools


We can do it all if needed​

  • Options in the market
  • Negotiating with vendors
  • How to request a support quote
  • Tools for monitoring support tickets and monthly costs.

Leverage Your ERP Support​

Include small projects and developments in the support package​

  • Review enhancements to your implementation with same software you have.
  • Know what other modules and functionalities are available and plan an Enhancements project once your are stable on support-mode.

Taylor-Made Support Model​

Hire only what you need, and we will work together with your internal team.

Regional Financials and Localization Support Model

One single vendor for all the subsidiaries in the Americas and Europe, solving language, tax requirements and time zone issues in one team.​

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